Aims Culture And Ethos


• To provide a curriculum that is broad, balanced, relevant and appropriate to the children’s needs in order to promote the all-round development of every child.
• To ensure that all children acquire the essential skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT digital competence developing the ability to use these effectively across the curriculum.


• To create a climate within our school of understanding, care, worth and of mutual respect.
• To achieve equality of opportunity by delivering a curriculum which gives all children the chance to realise their full potential, fostering respect for different cultures and religions
• To promote learners’ bilingual skills and reflect the language and culture of Wales.

Quality of Education

• To promote the acquisition of relevant knowledge, skills and understanding, and enhance the quality and effectiveness of learning through activities that children find meaningful and stimulating.
• To help children develop lively, enquiring minds and the ability to reason.
• To help develop the skills of concentration, application, self-discipline and maximise their capacity to learn by encouraging

Leadership and Management

• To create a working environment which all staff find stimulating and supportive, where their contributions and skills are recognised and valued.
• To maintain and develop a sound working relationship between governors, Headteacher and staff for the benefit of the whole school community.